Had an awesome board meeting with Kama the Surfing Pig in Oahu this past weekend. Good thing we wore the right suits for the occasion. He is definitely the ambassador of Aloha bringing a smile to everyone he meets 🙂 Make sure to follow him on Instagram @kamathesurfingpig!  

  by Angela Sun for wandermelon.com Intrepid traveler Angela Sun uncovers Korea’s DMZ zone─the most heavily fortified border in the world, filled with barbed wire, land mines, and where nearly two million soldiers prepared for battle. Armistice Building Situated along the 39th Parallel lies one of the strangest places in […]

Cartagena: Colombia’s Coastal Gem by Angela Sun for wandermelon.com Fanciful and dangerously romantic, Cartagena will entice you with promises of cultural riches steeped in its tumultuous 500-year history and leave you breathless from its beauty. A UNESCO world heritage site, this city is one of South America’s greatest cultural treasures. […]

by Angela Sun or wandermelon.com No longer just a haven for honeymooners, these idyllic islands also offer endless options for adventure junkies and solo travelers. A light warm breeze brushes my skin as I place my paddle in the crystal clear water with conviction. Determined to follow what lies beneath, […]

November 21, 2009 Its 5 am and the morning light has not quite yet broken the horizon. As a night owl, I cant’ believe I’m up at this God forsaken hour but alas, I was jetlagged, and I didn’t know what time I should be up if my life depended […]

November 11th, 2009 No, Not Facebook and Twitter! My lifelines. I am so annoyed. It says I’m connected to the wireless router but I can’t seem to get onto facebook. Or twitter. They are my lifelines to the outside world! How else am I supposed to stalk friends and read […]

October 31st, 2009 It is the only breeze. Humid and hotter than ever, the wind faintly blows by with enough gusto that the dragonflies buzzing about seem to catch a free ticket to ride. I breathe a sigh of relief as I look down at the treacherously steep set of […]

Oct 30th, 2009 Today we leave Phnom Penh by bus to Siem Reap, gatway to the temples of Angkor. It’s a six hour bus ride, complete with funny Cambodian karaoke videos playing on the TV monitor and hard to understand tour guide. Along the roadside, villagers were selling fruit as […]