from NYC artist Liam Alexander:!Angela-Sun/ceeb/55e894db0cf20cc5249f7ba7 Angela Sun was one of the initial inspirations for this entire project!  How I met this accomplished investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker is an interesting story.  Something I do regularly is fall asleep while watching Netflix.  One evening I put on a film called “Plastic Paradise”.  […]

Super excited and proud to announce my new travel series  ‘FOREIGN IN THE U.S.A.’ Is now LIVE on Amazon fire, Roku, Sonifi, and Delta airlines! I’m the host for a new travel series called ‘FOREIGN IN THE U.S.A.’ I explore ethnic enclaves around the U.S. in search of authentic immigrant […]

Proud to be an ambassador for the Whaleman Foundation and in good company!  If you want to support a great cause there are only a few days left to bid! Lets go to the Catalina wine mixer to bid click on the link below!

SportsNation is one of my favorite shows and an amalgamation of my experiences hosting in sports and pop culture/entertainment. I always dreamed of the opportunity to host the show, so when they asked if I could guest host while Michelle Beadle was out of town, you could imagine my excitement. […]

It was fun to be back on set for Season 2 of Hit The Floor! Don’t blink but I’m at around 24:17!  Full episode 8 below! So much fun with the cast/crew and kudos to creator James LaRosa! With actors McKinley Freeman, Taylour Paige, & creator James La Rosa   […]